YouTube offers a new design on its apps and introduces new features, including zoom on mobile.

Youtube offers himself a new design and some new features. For example, it finally becomes possible to pinch to zoom on a video in the iOS and Android apps. When you remove your fingers, the video retains its zoom level. This seems like a very convenient option for anyone who needs to observe fine detail. YouTube had started testing this feature with Premium users last August, it becomes available to everyone.

YouTube offers a new design on its apps

Another function could help you in navigation. On desktop and mobile, you’ll be able to move your cursor up or swipe up to get a row of thumbnails – much like what we have on Netflix -. As YouTube suggests, this should help backtracking too much when following a tutorial, for example.

At the visual level, there is a new ambient mode that adapts the background color of the app to that of the video. YouTube UX manager Nate Koechley in a blog post describes this as a subtle effect that uses dynamic color sampling, with the goal of catching the user’s eye and making them feel better. focus on content.

And introduces new features, including mobile zoom

Ambient mode will also be available on video playlists. You will be able to enjoy it on web and mobile pages when dark mode is enabled. On this subject, the dark mode will be even darker on the web, mobile and smart TV apps.

For the rest, be aware that YouTube links in video descriptions will be displayed as buttons. The service has also reworked basic actions like liking, sharing and downloading to “reduce distractions”. Also, the subscribe button has a new look: it’s pill-shaped instead of rectangular, and it’s no longer red. YouTube explains that this more contrasting redesign should help make it stand out more.

YouTube has just started rolling out these new features. If you are not yet entitled to it, a little patience.


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