Microsoft allows users of the Xbox app for Windows to check a computer’s compatibility with a game before downloading it.

Is it better to play on PC or console? This eternal debate rages within the gaming community and everyone has their own argument. On the one hand, some swear by the keyboard-mouse duo while others can’t imagine playing without a controller. A PC gamer costs much more than a last generation console, but its use is not exclusive to video games and the cost of the latter is less expensive.

Preview of the new performance label. Credit: Romain Vandevelde (app capture)

It is true that high-end PCs are more efficient and offer possibilities for graphic adjustments that consoles do not offer. Except that all PCs are not necessarily racing beasts. If there’s one area where consoles outperform PCs, it’s simplicity. Buying a console game is extremely simple, just launch the game and play (after a small “quick” update often). The PC player must meanwhile pay attention to its configuration, especially if it is modest.

Microsoft simplifies the life of “small” configurations

The Redmond company has added a feature to its Xbox interface for Windows which, let’s be clear, is mainly aimed at owners of modest machines. If you have an RTX 3080, which we tested here, it is very likely that this function will not bring you much for a long time. This is a new label (like PEGI) that determines the level of performance expected depending on the configuration.

To put it simply, next to the download button, it is directly listed if the configuration of your machine is sufficient. However, Microsoft did not specify whether this label was based on the minimum configuration required, the recommended or on other criteria.

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However, it seems that the company is taking the time to implement the games one by one in its own database since some titles indicate that the performance evaluation is not yet available. This kind of functionality already exists thanks to various independent sites which estimate the degree of compatibility of a game with your hardware. However, if this tag proves to be sufficiently reliable, it could simplify the life of players and save them research or disappointment.

How to activate this function?

Unfortunately, this label is not yet available natively on the application. For the most impatient, there is a simple procedure to be part of the Insider program and benefit from it: download Xbox Insider go to Preview and join “Windows Gaming” launch the Xbox application and update it as needed.

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