Beware of gamers who install Windows 11: Microsoft’s new OS would reduce the performance of games running on AMD Ryzen by 15%.

Windows 11 has barely been offered for installation that Microsoft’s new operating system is the victim of compatibility problems. Processor maker AMD just warned PC owners running an AMD Ryzen processor to stay on Windows 10 for now.

Windows 11: up to -15% performance for e-Sports games on AMD Ryzen

If your PC works with an AMD Ryzen processor, yet declared compatible with Windows 11, it is better to wait a little before installing the new OS. The manufacturer reports that these chips are likely to suffer significant performance drops following the update. In any case, it is better to check the compatibility of your PC before trying to update Windows 10 to switch to the brand new, beautiful Windows 11 on your computer.

At the root of the problem, the L3 cache of the AMD Ryzen chip, whose latency Windows 11 can triple. The applications concerned then suffer from a 3 to 5% decrease in their normal performance. But that’s not all: on some games ” commonly used in e-Sports », this drop in performance could reach 10 to 15%. What easily lose a match, if your FPS drops due to the new Windows 11.

AMD processors with 8 or more cores also affected by performance drops

Another problem identified by AMD relates to its technology preferred core which allows the tasks to be executed to be moved to the fastest core. Processors with more than eight cores whose TDP (the maximum heat output) is greater than 65 watts are also victims of performance decreases because of this incompatibility.

AMD and Microsoft are jointly working on a solution and hope to deliver a software patch on Windows 11 by the end of the month to address these issues with AMD Ryzen chips. While waiting for the release of this update, it is better to stick with the Windows 11 version of Microsoft’s operating system…unless you are adventurous and try this method to install it on an incompatible PC.

Source: AMD


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