Windows 11 version 22H2 is getting a new major update. This aims to improve the user experience through a revised and corrected file explorer, suggested actions and a few small adjustments that make life easier.

The new Windows 11 update © Microsoft

Windows 11 is getting a major new update: KB5019509. Once installed, the update will notably show you a whole new feature related to tabs, allowing your file explorer to work like your conventional browsers, capable of handling multiple tabs in a single window. The new features will be widely available for all editions of Windows 11 (Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro), version 22H2 in the November 2022 security update.

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When you open your file explorer, you will land on the start page and see a + button next to the newly opened tab. You can click on it to open a new tab and navigate to a new location in your system. You can also right-click on the tab you’re on, and it’ll show you three options: close the current tab, close all tabs except the one you’re on, or close all tabs on the right.

If you like keyboard shortcuts, you can just press CTRL+T to get a new tab or use the shortcut CTRL+W to close the currently open tab. You can rearrange them, but dragging and dropping them to open a new window is not possible.

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In this update you can now try out the feature Suggested actions in Windows 11, where copying dates and phone numbers will trigger recommendations for you. For example, copying a date will automatically suggest the calendar app or Outlook calendar. Meanwhile, copying numbers will suggest Teams or Skype for making calls.

the Task Manager is also accessible as a shortcut from the taskbar by only clicking on it with the right mouse button. Finally, instead of showing all programs in the taskbar, excess applications will be placed in an overflow space that you can access by clicking on a three-dot icon.

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