Many users have the annoying tendency to copy their passwords to paste them and log in. Microsoft has thought about it and improves security in Windows 11 with a warning when one of your passwords is in the clipboard.

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Windows 11 keeps getting richer as new functionality is added to the Start menu. Microsoft also thinks about the security of its users, especially against hackers who want their identifiers. Version 22H2 of Windows 11 alerts you when you copy your passwords to prevent hacking or phishing.

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A warning when you copy your Windows passwords

When you copy your Windows 11 session password to a site or document, the operating system alerts you. Microsoft is launching this new anti-phishing measure to best protect users’ private data.

This is coming with Windows 11 22H2 in Insider Preview Build 23506. Previously, users were prompted when they typed in their passwords. But many copy their credentials from a password manager, hence the added security.

In the build notes, Microsoft states: “ We are trying a change from this build where all users will see a warning about copying and pasting insecure passwords, just like they currently see when typing their password “.

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How do I enable this anti-phishing feature?

As explained previously, Windows 11 alerts you when you copy Windows and Active Directory passwords. These are passwords specific to your system and organization.

Caution, warning does not work when you copy the password from apps like Notepad. Ditto if you go through Windows Hello.

To enable this feature on a compatible system, here’s how:

  • Open Windows Security
  • Meet in Application and browser control
  • Then go to Reputation-based protection then open, just below, Reputation-based protection settings
  • Check the corresponding boxes in Anti-phishing protection

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