WhatsApp locks sensitive chats and protects them from prying notifications. New features are coming around Chat Lock.

WhatsApp just announced a brand new feature called “Chat Lock” which, as the name suggests, allows users to keep certain conversations away from prying eyes. This new tool therefore makes it possible to lock any conversation, by placing it in a dedicated folder which is only accessible after being biometrically authenticated, whether via a fingerprint or a facial scanner, or entering the phone password. This protection also automatically hides the slightest reference to these conversations in the notification thread.

WhatsApp locks sensitive chats and protects them from prying notifications

Locking a conversation is very easy. Simply tap on the name of a chat, whether with one or more recipients, and select the Lock option. When you want to read the conversation in question, enter your password or complete your biometric authentication. WhatsApp explains that this feature is ideal for those who share their phone with other family members and who would like to avoid an embarrassing situation when “someone else has the phone in their hands when a conversation special is coming.” The tool also allows you to completely lock WhatsApp behind biometric authentication if you wish.

New features are coming around Chat Lock

The teams behind the popular instant messaging app say they’re working on more features for Chat Lock, including the ability to create a different password for each protected conversation and a tool to lock chats across multiple devices. Parent company Meta has been very busy over the past few months making WhatsApp a safe and reliable platform, including strengthening its verification systems some time ago to cool scammers and adding more options to manage ephemeral messages. The first Chat Lock tools are being rolled out to WhatsApp users.


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