Announced last July despite a counter-proposal from AppLovin, the merger of IronSource and Unity Technologies is now complete.

The different solutions of Iron Source focused on the monetization and advertising of mobile applications, will soon be integrated into the offers of Unity Technologies which continues to grow in other technology and entertainment sectors, in addition to the video game industry, thanks to the acquisitions of Ziva Dynamics, Pixyz Software, SpeedTree, Parsec, SyncSketch and Weta Digital.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, said:

The advantages of the merger with ironSource are, in fact, particularly important for mobile game developers who choose advertising as their business model. Gamers are a highly engaged audience, but only a small minority (less than 2%) use in-app purchases in the games they play. Advertising and in-app purchases are the means chosen by most mobile game developers to monetize their games. And most gamers welcome ads as a way to discover new games to play. This gives developers the revenue to not only pay the bills, but to fund their growing teams and create even better games. We know you’ll have a lot of questions about how Unity will integrate and introduce these products. We are committed to moving quickly and transparently to integrate our technologies to provide the best tools and services.

IronSource already in trouble, Unity Technologies comes to the rescue

In the wake of the merger announcement, some developers have raised concerns about a past incident where an IronSource product was classified as malware and dropped following backlash. Unity Technologies said the malware came from “bad actors who abused the platform” and pointed out that the IronSource desktop business they used was “discontinued several years ago.”


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