Toxic players on Call of Duty will be able to be mute on chats. This should allow for a more positive experience on these games.

Play almost any online game long enough and you’re bound to encounter players with toxic behavior, who just spout offensive words and lyrics in chat, voice or text. Activision has decided to take further action to fight against these morons with more advanced moderation tools in call of duty : Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.

Toxic Call of Duty players will be able to be mute on chats

Once a player has been found to have made toxic comments in a chat, game moderation teams can now mute that person on all chat channels. So, while their comments may not necessarily result in a complete ban, players who abuse the chat may find themselves unable to be read or heard. Activision still relies on other users to identify abusive players through in-game reporting. Riot Games, meanwhile, has begun to take proactive measures by monitoring the voice chat of Valorant to identify offensive words.

Before you start playing Modern Warfare II Where Warzone 2.0, players must read and agree to a code of conduct. This includes not harassing or insulting or making any intolerant comments.

This should allow for a more positive experience on these games.

Also, when you report a toxic player on call of duty, you can add context. The reporting system now has a dialog where you can explain in more detail what happened. Activision explains that it will use these same tools in all future games call of duty.

These moderation tools are not particularly new. Overwatch has long allowed its players to provide the reasons for their report. But Modern Warfare II is one of the biggest games around, with over $1 billion in sales in just 10 days. No doubt that Warzone 2.0 will, too, have a huge player base, after launching on November 16. Having better moderation tools to curb toxic behavior and provide a more positive gaming experience is rarely a bad thing.


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