Take advantage of 5 GB of data offered every month by Microsoft Edge! The browser now includes this tool which allows you to be invisible online. Here’s how to take advantage of this new security-boosting feature.

We told you about it very recently. Microsoft Edge now includes a VPN as this tool becomes more popular in our daily lives, both for online security and access to foreign Netflix catalogs. Pushing users to its adoption, the browser now offers 5 GB of data for its VPN. If you want to activate this tool to discover the protection provided by this feature, here is how to do it.

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5 GB offered every month, Microsoft Edge relies on its integrated VPN

Microsoft Edge’s built-in VPN does not allow you to choose your location but offers online anonymity regardless. Another black point, it is not possible to access the foreign catalogs of Netflix, for example, which has unveiled its July 2023 calendar. Until now, the amount of monthly data was limited to 1 GB. But now, the browser offers 5 GB to cover more uses.

For the moment, a handful of users take advantage of these 5 GB monthly offered but all Internet users under Microsoft Edge will soon receive this gift. The perfect opportunity to convince those looking for a secure browser? Especially since for the moment, Google Chrome dominates the market despite Microsoft’s big efforts to raise the bar after the Internet Explorer fiasco.

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If Microsoft Edge VPN is available to you, it has been activated automatically. If it’s not the case, here’s how to take advantage of your free 5 GB every month.

  • Open Microsoft Edge then sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Click on the three small dots at the top right, choose Settings
  • Click on Privacy, Research and Services then scroll until Microsoft Edge secure network
  • Activate the VPN if it is not already done by accepting the terms of use

So ! Your data is now protected when browsing with Microsoft Edge. But as explained earlier, some sites like Netflix are blacklisted. It is not possible to access foreign catalogs, this VPN has its limits.


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