Konami celebrates the FIFA World Cup with eFootball 2023.

Until mid-February 2023, no less than forty national teams can be selected in the offline mode (test match) of eFootball 2023, while the online mode (dream team) is enriched with new National Team Packs (France, Argentina, Brazil and Japan) which include a player in “Big Time” version, a new theme of epic cards which represent players past and present with a special design. Commentators will also make special remarks for certain players. All this to provide an experience that is as immersive as possible, as if you were watching a live broadcast, witnessing those unforgettable moments in real time. These players will also be able to perform an “Iconic Celebration”, the same one they performed during the match in the spotlight.

eFootball™ 2023 - ”The Football Festival” Official Trailer

Note that on consoles, players can reproduce certain international rivalries with their friends in multiplayer.

The International Cup Experience or Konami’s CDM

From November 18, 2022 to January 12, 2023, players from 46 countries will face teams controlled by artificial intelligence in group stages and then playoff matches to reach the top of world football. Finally, started on Thursday, October 20, the eFootball International Cup event is ongoing and offers players a chance to share one billion eFootball coins. This will end on Saturday, December 17.

Konami states:

Each week we will add circuits and challenges with specific conditions. For example, challenges may require assembling a squad with players of certain nationalities or with a collective strength limit. Circuits can be themed around specific national teams, giving you a chance to experiment with different players. Field your best team while fulfilling event conditions; you will be really surprised by the importance and the possibilities offered according to the selected players. In accordance with the international tournament schedule, outstanding national team players will also be featured in the game. Thus, every Monday, the best sensations in the national team will be added with a distinctive theme (National Selection) and every Thursday, the best players from international fixtures will be added and enhanced to reflect their incredible performances (POTW International Cup).

An ever-evolving platform with the goal of maximizing fun and accessibility for football fans around the world, Konami’s eFootball 2023 is first and foremost a free-to-play that seeks to fund itself via microtransactions, but also offer bonus content like the famous match pass, an in-game reward system that allows you to earn a bunch of rewards by completing the indicated number of matches.

The normal Match Pass is available for free to all users. Use eFootball Coins to unlock Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass and earn more rewards. Additionally, you can find players only available with Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass.


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