OpenAI offers a public API for its DALL-E image generator. Expect to find it everywhere.

You will soon no longer have to visit a specific website to use DALL-E 2. OpenAI has indeed just published a framework in beta allowing apps and other products to use the image generator via artificial intelligence. This includes the natural language descriptions that make SLAB as well as moderation to filter out hateful, violent and extreme content more generally.

OpenAI offers a public API for its DALL-E image generator

A number of customers are already taking advantage of this technology. Microsoft’s new Designer app uses DALL-E to create content for social media, documents and other invitations. The AI ​​Image Tool is also coming to Bing and Edge to help you create images when you can’t find what you need. Cala, on the other hand, is a “fashion and lifestyle operating system” that uses the tool to produce new designs. Mixtiles can use the system to generate unique murals.

OpenAI is taking advantage of this launch to offer more control to users. These now have full ownership of the images they generate, not just usage rights. The company is now more inclined to do so now that the tool reduces the risk of overflowing its terms of use. Anything you generate can now be stored in public or private collections. If you create images on the theme of Space, for example, you will no longer have to browse through your entire gallery to find them.

Expect to find it everywhere

The SDK and these increased rights will not address the issue of borrowing or stealing content generated by its artificial intelligence. It might even cause more hassle as DALL-E will be used on more platforms. Although companies like Shutterstock are working with OpenAI to sell AI-generated images, others are banning the technology outright for fear of copyright issues. It may be a long time before app developers can use technology like DALL-E without ethical or legal concerns.


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