TiMi Studios and Capcom are teaming up to bring the Monster Hunter license to smartphones.

At the origin of the mobile versions of Call of Duty (multiplayer FPS), Age of Empires (RTS) and Pokémon Unite (MOBA) for publishers Activision, Microsoft and The Pokémon Company, TiMi Studios is now involved in the development of a mobile game based in the universe of Monster Hunter for Capcom. Note that this is not the first time that Monster Hunter has tried mobile since a certain Monster Hunter Explore / Monster Hunter Smart was to attract early fans with an experience similar to console games, but the success has never been there, despite its free-to-play business model. The closure of the servers was recorded two years ago.

Monster Hunter Mobile, Capcom’s next goose

A Capcom spokesperson said:

The mobile game in development will replicate the hunting techniques that define the Monster Hunter series and provide players with a unique new experience on mobile devices. This first partnership between TiMi Studios and Capcom will combine the experience and strengths of both companies, allowing the Monster Hunter license to expand to other platforms. Players around the world, old and new, will be free to hunt how they want, when they want and where they want.

With respectively 18.5 million and 11.2 million copies sold worldwide, Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise have become the biggest hits in the history of Capcom and the Monster Hunter license, which has accumulated 86 million games distributed. around the world since its inception.


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