A particularly annoying new bug in Windows 11 prevents users from interacting with the Start menu and the taskbar. Microsoft is already investigating this bug to find out how to fix it as soon as possible.

Windows bugs are usually always annoying like the Windows Defender bug that kills your shortcuts. Nevertheless, this new bug encountered by several users is particularly painful. It even prevents you from using your computer normally. In effect, a bug makes the Start menu and taskbar completely unusable. So much so that you can’t even click on it, open the start menu, or type anything in the search bar.

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Fortunately, this bug only seems to impact a minority of users at the moment. It also affects both Windows 11 and Windows 10. Microsoft, which will no longer sell Windows 10 from January 31, 2023, is already aware. He investigates for confirm the origin of this bug and deploy a fix as quickly as possible.

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The Windows 11 Start menu bug stems from a conflict between the Windows Calendar and the ClickShare app

At the moment, it seems that the Start menu bug comes from a conflict between the Windows calendar and the ClickShare application. Developed by Barco, ClickShare is an application used by professionals to improve the efficiency of work meetings. With just one click, you can connect your computer to a room’s display, camera, mics, and speakers. Therefore, only users who have ClickShare installed on their computer are likely to encounter the Start menu bug.

Microsoft has not yet officially acknowledged the bug, but Barco assured that: the bug is being investigated with the Microsoft Windows team, but it’s always a good idea to contact the Microsoft Windows team directly to report this issue “. Barco does indeed claim that the bug does not come from its softwarebut from an update deployed by Microsoft.

While waiting for an official fix, Barco offers a solution to avoid the bug. According to the developer, it is enough to disable calendar sharing with Outlook in ClickShare settings. The developer also offers a script on his website which fixes permissions issues with Windows Calendar. Either way, Microsoft should be rolling out an automatic update with a fix soon.

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