Sharing long texts is coming soon to Twitter. It is Elon Musk who announces it.

Twitter will soon offer a feature allowing users to add long texts in their tweets. It was the new owner and CEO of the company, Elon Musk, who announced it this weekend. The multi-billionaire hasn’t said when the feature will be available, but he promises it will put an end to “notepad screenshot nonsense.”

Sharing long texts is coming soon to Twitter

Elon Musk added that the company also intends to work on additional tools for monetization and improvements in the search functionality of the platform. “Searching Twitter reminds me of Infoseek in 1998! This is all going to get much better soon,” he wrote.

After Elon Musk’s announcement, journalist Ben Collins of NBC News recalled that Twitter had been testing such a long text sharing feature since long before the takeover by the American multi-billionaire. “He takes credit for a number of projects from employees he has laid off since then,” he announced. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, researcher Jane Manchun Wong, a specialist in researching experimental features in apps, had discovered traces of a feature called “Articles” allowing the publication of long messages.

It is Elon Musk who announces it

This Saturday, Twitter also began setting up some of the infrastructure needed to support the revamped Twitter Blue subscription. The service will allow users who pay $8 per month to have their account certified and gain access to a number of additional features, including the ability to post long videos and see fewer ads. Elon Musk had promised some time ago that Twitter would work to support content creators, but did not elaborate on specifics. Since the company’s takeover, several prominent users have left Twitter, including Nibellion, owner of one of the platform’s most popular gaming news accounts.


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