Samsung is updating its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for better controls over ambient sound. Perfect for those who have hearing problems or want to be more aware of their surroundings.

Samsung will begin to deploy a update for its true wireless Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headphones. This new version of the software will notably offer users more control over the level of ambient noise they want to hear when they have the headphones in their ears.

Samsung updates its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for better ambient sound controls

Once the update in question has been downloaded and installed, users will find two additional volume levels in addition to the existing three for their ambient sound volume settings which are stored in the Lab menu of the Galaxy Wearable app. And these can customize the ambient volume to let through in each ear. Indeed, it is possible to adjust the volume for each earpiece independently.

Perfect for those who have hearing problems or want to be more aware of their surroundings

The settings page already gives users the ability to customize the ambient tone, via five pre-configured levels, from soft to bright. But this update goes a step further by introducing a new section called “adapt ambient sound”, which adds even more clarity to the surrounding noises coming through the headphones. Samsung says it unveiled an environmental sound enhancement for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, for people who might benefit from sound amplification. This version, however, could also be very handy for those with hearing problems who simply want to be able to hear the world around them better and feel safer when running or walking outside their homes.

The deployment of this update will take place in the coming weeks. To be continued !


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