Fortnite’s Battle Royal and Zero Build modes accommodate ranked play in Solo, Duo, and Squads.

Epic Games announces that the ranked game of its Battle Royale has several ranks, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion and Unreal, to rank and group the best players:

Bronze to Diamond ranks are separated into three tiers. Elite, Champion, and Unreal ranks only have one. Climb the levels of Bronze rank to reach Silver rank, then those of Silver to reach Gold rank. Continue like this in Gold, Platinum and Diamond to reach Elite rank! Once you reach Elite Rank, prove your worth against other high-level players to reach Champion Rank, and maybe finally, Unreal Rank. Once Unreal rank is reached, you stay there until the end of the ranked season. This means that no matter how well you perform after that, you won’t be able to drop back down to previous ranks. So once Unreal rank is reached, it’s over? No ! Upon reaching Unreal Rank, you will be assigned a number that indicates your position relative to other Unreal players in the world.

If the classified option is activated in Fortnite, the players’ current rank will be displayed on the left side of the screen in the lobby. There will also be a progress bar showing how far players are from the next rank or back to the previous rank. Whether the progress bar goes up or down after a match will depend on kills and match placement. Note that the starting rank for ranked play in Battle Royal and Zero Build modes in Season Zero will be based on the performance of players’ previous games, as well as performance in their first ranked games.

Ranked play is coming to Fortnite

In ranked play, Fortnite players compete exclusively against other players who have chosen to activate the ranked option. Loot and other features from classic Battle Royal and Zero Build modes will be present in Season Zero Ranked Play.

Fortnite Ranked Launches for Battle Royale and Zero Build!

Update 24.40, which comes with the arrival of ranked play, features balancing changes like material limit (999 to 500), increased harvest rate, and loss of 50 units of each material each time. elimination.


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