Story missions and co-op are coming to Overwatch 2 in August. Season 5, which starts in June, will also bring its share of new features.

Blizzard has revealed its roadmap for Overwatch 2 for the end of 2023. In particular, it is planned the introduction of the first story missions, during season 6, which should start in mid-August. These missions are part of a highly anticipated aspect of the game, co-op. When Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 last October, the player versus environment (PvE) aspects, although shown during BlizzCon in 2019, were not available at all. The team needed time.

Story missions, and co-op, are coming in August in Overwatch 2

Now, it looks like the studio is almost ready to add that component to a game that’s been proven for two years. If there have been a few PvE experiments in Overwatch 2, these were limited to time-limited events. This aspect should therefore be more important in a few months, but it should be noted that the thing will not be as complete as Blizzard had envisaged almost four years ago now. “Development of the PvE experience hasn’t really seen the progress we were hoping for,” said the game’s executive producer, Jared Neuss. The team created “a bunch of fantastic content,” but “unfortunately the effort required to release it all to the level of quality expected from Blizzard is tremendous. […] Clearly we cannot deliver our original vision for PvE.”

Thus, hero missions have been greatly reduced. The skill tree, for example, is gone. This does not mean that the PvE will be uninteresting. A solo version of the PvE experience with a leaderboard is also in the works and many co-op features are planned, and content will be added frequently.

Season 5, which starts in June, will also bring its share of new features

Before those story missions arrive in a few months, there will be a full season. Season 5 will kick off in June, with a focus on fantasy. A limited-time event called Questwatch, a new cinematic, a Summer Games event, updates for Workshop mode and the On Fire system, which lets everyone see each other when certain players are playing really well, will be back . Here is the important information.

Story missions are not the only big changes expected for Season 6. The developers explain that this season will be the biggest update since the launch of the game. Blizzard will add a new support hero, as well as a concept of range shooting and an improved progression system. The Anniversary event will also be back. There will also be a new type of map for PvP, Flashpoint, with two new maps.

Emphasis will also be placed on the creation of the history ofOverwatch 2. Seasons will now have titles, and with the help of in-game cutscenes, Season 6 comes “to highlight the story arc ofOverwatch for the first time since starting the game.”

For the rest, know that Blizzard promises to rework on Sombra and Roadhog. There will also be another collaboration after the crossover with One-Punch Man, a new tank, a map, a winter event, a lore database and the return of the Mystery Hero competitive mode.


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