The partnership between Nintendo and DeNA grows with the creation of Nintendo Systems.

Specialized in research and development, as well as operations aimed at strengthening the digitization of Nintendo’s activities, in addition to the creation of value-added services, the subsidiary Nintendo Systems is 80% owned by Nintendo and 20% by DeNA. Tetsuya Sasaki, a member of Nintendo’s technology research department, will take charge of directing it from Tokyo as soon as it launches from April 3, 2023.

Nintendo wants to arm itself for the digital world

A Nintendo spokesperson states:

With the integrated hardware-software model at the core of its business, Nintendo is also striving to deliver an enhanced experience and service outside of its dedicated game console. In order to deliver this experience holistically, Nintendo seeks to maintain and expand its relationship with consumers primarily through the Nintendo Account. As part of this effort, Nintendo entered into a business and capital alliance with DeNA in 2015 and has collaborated to develop and operate the new Nintendo Account-focused core system ever since. Based on the expertise accumulated over the past seven years and the experience of co-developing multiple Nintendo Account-based services, Nintendo and DeNA will advance their partnership and establish a joint company. In an effort to further digitize Nintendo’s business, the joint venture will conduct research and development, and create value-added services to strengthen the relationship between Nintendo and consumers.


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