Nintendo France, Nintendo Benelux and Nintendo Ibérica will soon form a single entity with Nintendo of Europe.

The Japanese manufacturer nintendo will proceed in the coming months to an absorption-type merger in which the headquarters of Nintendo of Europe, led by Stephan Bole since 2018, will be the “surviving” company, and Nintendo France, Nintendo Benelux and Nintendo Ibérica, which are also subsidiaries, will be the defunct companies. Contrary to what one might think, not all of Nintendo’s European offices will be closed, meaning there will be no downsizing let alone having to travel to Frankfurt in Germany. to keep his job.

A Nintendo spokesperson states:

In an effort to improve business efficiency and speed up decision-making by consolidating functions within Nintendo of Europe, the other subsidiaries in Europe will be merged into NOE. During the re organisation, the corporate form of NOE will be changed to Nintendo of Europe SE as the new central regional headquarters in Europe.

The reorganization of Nintendo of Europe in a few dates

  • Merger of Nintendo France and Nintendo Benelux with Nintendo of Europe – July 2023
  • Change of trading name from Nintendo of Europe to Nintendo of Europe AG – January 2024
  • Merger of Nintendo Ibérica with Nintendo of Europe AG – August 2024
  • Changing the trading name of Nintendo of Europe AG to Nintendo of Europe SE – August 2024

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