Netflix is ​​launching its interactive game Triviaverse, a great question-and-answer game on general knowledge.

netflix just added a different kind of interactive experience in its catalog, more akin to a game, moreover, than anything else. Triviaverse, that’s its name, asks you questions that you must answer in the allotted time. You can play alone and try to pass the three levels with a difficulty that increases each time or you can play with a friend, each in turn, with two sessions each time. Whoever has the most correct answers within the time limit wins the game.

Netflix launches interactive game Triviaverse

The company explains that Triviaverse offers questions on a wide variety of topics, from science to history to pop culture, to interest as many players as possible and touch all areas of interest. You can also unlock badges if you get high scores. The Bird Brain will be given to you as soon as you start. Practice regularly and you might be able to earn the ultimate Triviaverse God badge.

The streaming service has been exploring subscriber interest in interactive content for a few years now, offering series and episodes you can participate in, such as with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Last year, a big step forward was taken in terms of video games with the release of several games on Android and iOS. In September, the platform announced that it was forming its own video game studio in Helsinki, Finland, to create original games that have no ads or in-app purchases. And cloud gaming is also eyeing the video streaming specialist.

A great question-and-answer game on general culture

Netflix also already offers a question game. Trivia Quest had been launched a few months ago. Triviaverse offers something simpler, in its format, for games from time to time, between two daily tasks, between two games of your current game. This experience is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese. Triviaverse is also accessible from any device capable of enjoying interactive Netflix experiences. This therefore includes smart TVs, streaming boxes, consoles, browsers and mobile devices.

Triviaverse | Official Trailer | Netflix


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