Nearby Share for Windows is now available. The application allows fast file sharing between Android and Windows, without a network, like AirDrop. Simple and efficient. Here’s how to use it.

Nearby Sharing Android © Google

Google announced the launch of Nearby Share (Nearby Share) for Windows, a new app that makes it easier to share files between Android and Windows devices. The app, which was in beta in March, is now available for download for all users on the Android site.

Nearby Share uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to create a peer-to-peer connection between devices, so there is no need to have a network connection. To share a file, open the Nearby Share app on your Android device and select the file you want to share.

The app will then search for nearby Windows PCs and will display a list of Nearby Share compatible devices. Once you select a device, the file is automatically transferred.

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Google is also working with several manufacturers to pre-install Nearby Share on their devices. THE HP Dragonfly Pro will be the first to benefit from this support. In other words, some PCs will not have to download the application.

Be careful though, because Nearby Share requires a 64-bit version of Windows 10 or higher and does not support ARM. The app, however, is simple to use and works quickly, making it a convenient way to share photos, videos, documents and other files, as Apple offers with AirDrop.

Android finally gets up to speed

Meanwhile, Samsung has updated its internal file sharing app, Quick Share, for Windows to work with non-Samsung laptops. The app already allows Samsung users to transfer photos, videos and documents between their smartphones, Galaxy tablets and Galaxy Book laptops.

On the other hand, Windows Subsystem for Android added file sharing and more last month. You can also download Windows Subsystem for Android with the Amazon App Store from the Microsoft Store on compatible PCs running Windows 11.

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