Microsoft rolled out its optional Windows 11 update today. This brings many features that will be implemented in the mandatory March update, along with the traditional security patches. A quick tour of these new features.

Windows 11 ©Microsft

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 ‘Moment 2’ update, bringing new features to its operating system. It includes among others:

  • A tabbed notepad
  • The Phone Link for iOS, which allows you to control your iPhone on Windows 11
  • A searchable task manager
  • A screenshot tool that supports video capture

This update mainly integrates ChatGPT integrated with Bing directly into the Windows taskbar. This search bar lets you co-pilot AI in an ultra-accessible way to answer your questions, perform searches, and generate content.

Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.1344 for friends, it is now available for download as an optional update that can be installed manually by opening Windows Update and then clicking on the “Check for updates” button. All Windows 11 users will have it installed automatically in March during the traditional “Patch Tuesday”, every second Tuesday of the month. It will then include the usual security patches.

What are Windows 11 Moments Updates?

Unlike Windows 10 which received major updates twice a year including new features, Windows 11 only receives one update per year. Due to this less frequent update cycle, Microsoft has introduced “Moments” which are released as routine cumulative updates but still include new features.

In October 2022, Microsoft unveiled Moment 1, as an optional update titled KB5019509. It included a new tabbed file explorer, suggested actions, taskbar overflow functions, and restored the ability to right-click on the taskbar to open the task manager.


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