Meta has just launched a new version of the WhatsApp Windows application. In addition to a renovated interface and faster loading, it sees its call capabilities improve. You can now make video calls with 8 people and with 32 people in audio.

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Earlier this month, WhatsApp finally corrected the display on foldable smartphones and tablets. The instant messaging application also had the right to a facelift on its desktop version optimized for Windows. In a blog post, Meta has just announced the arrival of a new version of WhatsApp “which loads faster”. And to clarify that it now has an interface similar to that of its mobile counterpart.

Users will also be delighted to learn that its call capacity is now more consistent, also mirroring its smartphone version. In other words, you can now start group video calls with eight people. And you can go up to 32 people for audio calls.

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WhatsApp: the Windows version can now launch audio calls with 32 users

A number that will only grow in the future. “We will continue to increase these limits over time so you can always stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues”, promises Meta. WhatsApp is catching up here with its Android and iOS version. And tries to make a small place for itself in the professional sphere while virtual meetings have become more and more the norm.

WhatsApp would seek to hold its own in the face of the market behemoths of Teams and Zoom, even if the task looks daunting. Outside the professional framework, the application with the green logo seems to have a head start for virtual conversations between loved ones. Its new capabilities on Windows should appeal to families and friends who want to converse remotely via the comfort of a PC.

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