The latest Windows 11 updates have caused an issue that so far seems uncommon, but big enough that many users are complaining about it on the networks: their SSD transfer speeds have dropped.

This is yet another reason why Windows 11 is being boycotted and why Windows 10 remains on the throne. Microsoft is struggling to convince, because the latest updates to its flagship OS each bring their share of problems, such as when they prevent Office and Outlook from opening. And it’s not the return of the Clippy paper clip thanks to ChatGPT that will change the situation.

Last problem to date identified, the slowdown of SSDs. Windows 11 can cause your machine to run slower when performing hard drive-intensive tasks, such as copying large files or playing heavy games. Although this is not a widespread problem, it affects many users.

Here are the culprit Windows 11 updates

Several feedback on Reddit and Microsoft’s Feedback Hub report that installing mandatory Windows 11 cumulative updates released after March 2023 significantly slows the speed of some SSDs. Since the rollout of the March 2023 Cumulative Update, some users have even noticed an increase in the boot time of their PC.

Some users are reporting a massive drop in their SSD transfer speeds from 7000MB/s to 3000MB/s and in some extreme cases 1000MB/ the slow storage bug fixed? ” Or : “Now my PC randomly crashes for no reason. I’m thinking of going back to Windows 10.” We wish them good luck.

According to the survey of windowslastesthere are all the cumulative updates affected:

KB5027303 — June 2023 optional update.
KB5027231 – June 2023 Patch Tuesday (mandatory).
KB5026372 – May 2023 Patch Tuesday (required).
KB5025239 – April 2023 Patch Tuesday (mandatory).
KB5023778 – March 2023 Patch Tuesday – issue was first reported after this update.

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Uninstalling updates released after the March 2023 Patch Tuesday restores the maximum initial speed of SSDs to 7000MB/s, which seems to indicate that the problem is directly related to the most recent updates. Maybe because of the arrival of the AI ​​Copilot in Windows 11? If Microsoft plays the AI ​​card thoroughly in its operating system, the company must not forget the essential: a fast and efficient OS.


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