iPhone sync for Windows 11 is available to everyone. Certainly limited, but very practical in everyday life.

Microsoft just announced that iPhone support in its Phone Link app is now available for all Windows 11 users. Announced last February, the American giant’s feature allows the synchronization of calls, contacts and messages, including limited iMessage support, between an iPhone and a PC.

iPhone sync for Windows 11 is available to everyone

Phone Link has been around, under different names, for Android devices since 2015, but today is the very first time it has supported Apple-branded smartphones. The Redmond firm had set up a phased launch, starting with some Windows Insider testers at the end of February. Then the company offered general availability last month, promising availability to all Windows 11 users by mid-May. Today, perfectly in time, everyone with a Windows 11 PC and an iPhone can use this feature.

Phone Link for the iPhone however suffers from a number of limitations that don’t exist with an Android device. For starters, although the app supports iMessage syncing, it doesn’t work with group chats and you can’t send pictures and videos. Also, voicemail and iMessage apps don’t work. Either way, it can be a handy native solution to save you from having to switch between your computer and your phone all the time.

Certainly limited, but very practical in everyday life

To take advantage of this feature, simply search for “Phone Link” in the Windows taskbar. Once the app is open, there are a few steps to follow on both devices. First, select iPhone in the device type and use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code displayed in the Phone Link app. The devices will be paired via Bluetooth and you will need to grant several permissions, on your iPhone and on your PC. Only compatible with iPhones running iOS 14.0 or newer.


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