Windows 11 for PC is available today and will be rolled out globally. Your PC can be one of the first to benefit from it… with a few precautions.

It’s today that comes out Windows 11, Microsoft’s new major operating system update. Deployed gradually in different corners of the globe, it is now available for PC owners. Which means you can download it if your computer is compatible.

You will need to check your PC compatibility before installing Windows 11

First step: go to your PC settings. In the “Windows Update” section, click on “Check for updates” now. Your PC will then tell you if Windows 11 can be downloaded now to take advantage of the new features offered by the operating system.

Update not showing up? No problem, you have other ways to perform this upgrade! You just need to make sure your computer is compatible with this update first. Indeed, one of the main controversies that followed the announcement of Windows 11, is that not all new generation devices will be able to work with.

Microsoft is far from including them all, which is why the IT leader invites users launch the “PC integrity check” application (PC Health Check) before installation. This program will let you know what issues are likely to affect your device and help you avoid inconvenience while upgrading to Windows 11. compatible, inviting them to reinstall Windows 10.

Know that if PC Health Check detects that your PC is not compatible we describe the procedure to force the installation of Windows 11 on an incompatible PC, without a TPM 2.0 chip.

Microsoft offers several modes to easily install Windows 11 on your PC

Is your PC compatible and able to manage Windows 11? Perfect, you can start the update process by going on this page of the Microsoft website. Several options are offered to install the update, especially if you are upgrading from Windows 10, which is still the easiest way to install the new version of the operating system. Microsoft even offers to download a disc image if you need to create installation media for booting, on a USB key for example.

Some of the new features in Windows 11 include Microsoft Teams built-in Conversations mode to communicate more easily with loved ones or work colleagues. Windows 11 also revamps the Microsoft Store to find downloadable apps and games on your PC more easily. Finally, a big effort has been made for inclusiveness, with specific features designed for (and with) people with disabilities.

And if you prefer not to install Windows 11 and stay on an older version, in particular to avoid compatibility problems, just remember that Microsoft will continue to improve and update Windows 10 until the end of 2025. You can therefore sleep soundly, at least for a few years.

Source : Microsoft


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