Apple itself offers advertisements in iOS. Ads that pass through an ad blocker. However, it is possible to get rid of it. Here’s how.

You can install ad blockers on your iPhone, but these apps are powerless against Apple’s own ads. Apple. Recently, the worst advertisements are those of the App Store, in the search results. It’s time, maybe, to take action and make them disappear on your smartphone. Here is your battle plan.

Turn off notifications for all Apple apps

Apple apps send you notifications for such a series, such an album or to switch to such a paid subscription. To disable these ads, go to Settings > Notifications on your iPhone, select Apple apps one by one and disable notifications. Don’t forget: App Store, iTunes Store, Music and TV.

Some apps, like Messages, FaceTime, and Apple TV Keyboard, send helpful notifications, so they don’t have to be turned off.

Opt out of personalized ads from Apple

Then you can prevent Apple from tracking your data to serve you personalized ads: Settings > Privacy & Security > Apple Advertising. Disable Personalized Ads. This setting will reduce tracking, but at the same time, you’ll see less relevant ads in Apple apps.

Prevent Apple apps from accessing location

Apple uses your geolocation data to serve you content. For example, if you’re on vacation in Portugal, the App Store can show you apps that are popular in that country. If you don’t use Apple apps to discover content, you can disable this behavior without consequence.

To do this, head to Settings > Privacy and Security > Location and remove location access from all Apple apps that don’t need it. Be careful, again, some apps, like Locate, need your location to work properly. Others, like Camera, only use it for metadata.

Reduce data collection

This does not directly impact the display of advertisements on your iPhone, but we recommend reducing the data collected by Apple from your iPhone. Once a company starts serving ads aggressively, it will need to collect more and more data to target them better. It is therefore better to take the lead and reduce the collection as much as possible. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Analytics & Enhancements and disable all options.

No longer go through Apple for discovery

Apple may only show you its ads if you spend time on its apps. If you stop going through Apple to discover content, the Cupertino company will have less opportunity to display it.

You can start by using a search engine for your apps. The less time you spend in the App Store, the fewer ads you’ll see. You will also have direct links to your favorite apps from a search engine or a news site. As long as the URL is trustworthy ( in this case), you will be redirected to the App Store.

You can also, in the same way, reduce your dependence on the Apple ecosystem. While iCloud remains excellent for backing up and synchronizing your data, all of Apple’s other subscription services have great alternatives on the market. If you want to stay on Apple Music, you can consider a third-party app for a better experience.


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