According to a survey by IT asset management, Windows 11 is far from meeting the expected popularity.

Based on this research only 0.21% of PC users are currently running Windows 11. The update has been available for Windows 10 users for a month now. Why is such a small proportion of the market converting to the new Windows operating system?

Windows 11 is used very little – Credits: Raj Rana/Unsplash, bluebudgie/pixabay, Windows

To carry out its study, the branch of Lansweeper has based on data from 10 million computers operating under Windows. These figures include both professional and personal uses. These results would make the update the fifth most used version of Windows.

In other words, a very small percentage. To the point of passing after Windows XP, which, now over 20 years old, still accounts for 3.62% of respondents. Even Windows 8, which is however not very popular, exceeds the new version with 0.95%.

What are the reasons for such unpopularity?

The first explanation for this exceptionally low conversion rate is obvious. This is the difference in performance required for the update with its predecessor. Many people do not have a device with sufficient features. If it remains possible to install it manually on an incompatible PC, even without a TPM 2.0 chip, it is understandable that many may be dissuaded from doing so.

Incidentally, the same IT asset management software company had previously done a survey of companies. Analyzing around 30 million Windows devices from 60,000 organizations, she found that on average, only 44.4% of workstations are eligible to receive the automatic upgrade while the others are not.

An overly demanding security system

Windows 11 has also been widely criticized. Some claim in particular that the system would reduce the performance of certain AMD processors. And in general, it would seem that the security system of the update is too greedy to allow Windows to offer a real improvement in performance.

These figures contradict those of Windows. If the sample is large, the specific source does not allow the study to be considered fully representative. But it already seems clear that Windows is going to have to make an effort to convince us that Windows 11 can improve the performance of our PCs.

Source : Techradar


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