Birthday Wishes: Birthdays… you either love them or hate them. But we must admit that a birthday is the highlight of the year.

A birthday is always special because it is usually accompanied by delicious food, great company, loving wishes, endless laughter and endless gratitude. Birthday greetings also keep pouring in from the people in your life that you love and care about.

If you have someone who is celebrating their 34th birthday soon, here is a collection of beautiful Happy Birthday 34 quotes and texts that are guaranteed to make them feel loved.

34th birthday texts for your daughter

The older you get, the more amazing you become. I will always be in awe of you, my dearest daughter. Every day you give me something that makes me proud and grateful. I like you. Happy Birthday

I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such an amazing daughter like you. I had to do something good with my life to deserve you. Thank you for being such a great blessing not only to me but to everyone. I like you. Wishing you the happiest 34th birthday.

On this special day, I wish all your wishes come true and all your loved ones are there to celebrate with you. I love you with all my heart. Always have and always will. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

Thirty-four really sounds like a serious age, huh? When you reach this age, it really makes you reflect on life and all that you have achieved. It’s okay to feel a little pressure, but always remember that everyone goes at their own pace. Trust your own journey and enjoy every moment! Happy Birthday my dear.

Having a daughter like you is truly the blessing of my life. Your birthday is a special day to celebrate all the things that make you wonderful and all the reasons I love you. I wish you a very happy birthday for your 34 years, my beautiful daughter. I like you!

The best thing about having you as a daughter is that you can act like my sister, my mother and also my best friend. Thanks for being such a good girl and making sure I’m okay. I love our daily conversations and weekly get-togethers. I love you my heart. Happy 34th birthday!

Happy birthday 34 years old texts sons

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to reflect on how much we’ve grown and to recognize how much we’ve accomplished. These are the perfect opportunities to appreciate how far we have come. These are reasons to feel proud and happy. I wish you have the best 34th birthday and realize how blessed you are. I love you son.

Another year has passed and many lessons have been learned. I hope this anniversary is so much better than the previous one. You deserve all the wonderful things in this world, my son. Happy Birthday !

At 34, you’ve weathered storms and overcome challenges that would have left others broken and hopeless. But you’re not one of them, son. You showed me the true meaning of courage and strength. I’m very proud of you, and we’re all so lucky to have you in our lives. Wishing you the happiest 34th birthday, son.

On your 34th birthday, make sure to eat, drink and be happy, because you’ve only turned 34 once. Have fun today. May you have many more birthdays to come, son.

When I was busy making a living and supporting our family, you were the one who held the fort whenever I was away. You were the main man in the house who made sure Mom and your sisters were safe and taken care of. Because of that, I just knew you’d be a good family man one day. I love you son. I’m so proud to be your father. Happy birthday for your 34 years.

Wishing you a day as amazing and wonderful as you are. I know I don’t say this all the time, but I love you very much. You mean the world to me. May this birthday be the day when all your wishes come true. Happy 34 years!

34th birthday messages for friends

We have known each other since we were children. I wish you all that is beautiful and true. You only deserve the best things. I like you! Happy Birthday !

What did I tell you when we were fourteen? I told you we’d be best friends even in our thirties. Look at us now, we are 34 years together. Happy 34th birthday, honey! I like you!

I’m so grateful to be your friend for 20 years. We’ve been through so much together and I can’t wait to live more life with you. I love you, my sister from another mother. Happy 34th birthday!

I wanted to tell you how much I care about you. But I was afraid that if I started now, I wouldn’t be done anytime soon because of the number of reasons you’re so awesome. So allow me to wish you a very happy 34th birthday and wish you many happy returns. I like you!

These are just a few examples of heartwarming birthday wishes that convey lots of loving thoughts and feelings.

Be inspired by these messages to make that dear birthday celebrant in your life feel like a million bucks on their very special day!


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