Seventeen is truly a remarkable year for anyone’s life. At this point, you are on the doorstep of adulthood, looking the other way. You are one year away from taking over the world.

Still, it seems that turning 17 isn’t as special as being an adult. It seems that while being an adult is special, people don’t consider the last year of childhood that special. I am here to tell you otherwise. This is the last year of your absolute freedom, without worries, without taxes, without adult problems.

And that’s why this year is so special. So, for you to make that 17-year-old eager to grow up feel the same way, you need to let him know that this year is as special as this kid. And what better way to do it, than on the very first day of his life at 17. So, here are the best unique and beautiful happy 17th birthday texts.

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For brother

You piss me off like no one else and drive me crazy. But I still love you bro. Happy Birthday

Happy 17th birthday, and here is your present – me! An amazing little sister!

Since it’s your birthday, I’m going to try to be nice to you all day.. it’s not going to be easy!

We may be brothers who fight all the time, but I’ve always looked up to you, bro. Happy birthday

For sister

Happy birthday to my little sister. I know you are going to have a fabulous and fun day

Happy birthday to my big sister. I know you’re grieving now but I hope you’ll always stay with me

Wishing you an amazing 17th birthday. Enjoy your big day sis

I was blessed when I had you as a sister. There is no one better! Happy birthday for your 17 years

You have gone from the little sister I played with to such an impressive woman. Happy birthday to you sis

17th birthday text for your niece

We’re so close it feels like it’s my birthday too! I can’t wait to see you later and celebrate with you. I love you so much. Wishing you a very happy 17th birthday!

You know there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you. So yeah, I canceled all my plans for tonight just so I could be with you and celebrate your birthday properly. I like you! Happy birthday on your 17 years my dear niece!

To my niece whom I love so much, I want you to know that I feel very lucky to be spending your special day with you. I know it will be a wonderful day because we are going to celebrate seventeen years of your life. Happy Birthday ! I like you!

May you have the most wonderful birthday today and may your most beloved friends and family be there with you to celebrate. I wish all your dreams come true today and throughout the year. Happy 17 years.

Happy Birthday 17 – SMS for your nephew

Nothing compares to having someone wonderful like you in my life. On your 17th birthday, I wish you nothing but sweet, exciting, happy and awesome days. May this birthday be an extraordinary birthday full of delicious surprises throughout the day.

How come you are already seventeen? Weren’t you five last year? Sometimes I really think I live in a dream world. I wish that all your wishes this year come true and that you are the happiest celebrating your birthday. Happy 17th birthday!

On your 17th birthday, I wish you continue to live your life in the most beautiful and creative way. You are like a ray of sunshine bringing light and color to everyone’s life. Keep inspiring us with your bold and creative spirit. Happy Birthday !

There really isn’t much to say but happy birthday to my favorite nephew. I hope this year will be filled with extraordinary delights because you are truly extraordinary. Happy 17th birthday to you!


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