Google widgets for iOS 16 lock screen are available. These should already appear on your iPhone.

The google lock screen widgets of iOS 16 are officially available. As explained in September by the American giant, these widgets provide interesting information at a glance and useful shortcuts to certain features of the Mountain View firm’s apps.

Gmail can, for example, show the number of new messages, while Maps can offer a link to one of your most frequent journeys (office-home, for example) or searches for certain destinations, such as restaurants. Widgets for Chrome and the Google app, meanwhile, can help you start a web search, perform a voice command, or launch a feature like a translation through Lens or part of Chrome’s Dino game.

The other widgets are a bit more specialized, but just as useful. Google News can show you the latest Drive news provides quick access to recommended and/or favorite files. It also becomes easier to listen to YouTube Music as you can easily launch a playlist whenever you want.

YouTube and YouTube Music also have their own lock screen widgets. You can easily navigate through your YouTube subscriptions or search for a song on YouTube Music.

These should already appear on your iPhone

Widgets should automatically appear when you start customizing your lock screen. As usual, they are particularly interesting on the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. Either way, no matter what device you use them on, they should make Google apps more appealing on iOS. And sometimes even this novelty could give them an advantage over the Android versions, which only show a limited amount of information before you unlock the device.


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