Google is updating its Messages application, for ever more interoperability, with Google and iOS apps.

Google detailed new, recent and upcoming changes to her Messages app, this to highlight the RCS messaging protocol. Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear recently that the Cupertino company has no plans to fix the messaging experience in the near future, but Google’s functional additions improve interoperability between iOS and Android. A few months ago, the giant rolled out an update to Messages that allowed iMessage reactions to be displayed as an emoji. More recently, it also became possible to react to text messages from iPhone users with emoji reactions.

Google updates its Messages app

To make navigating group chats easier, the app will soon offer the ability to reply to individual messages when RCS is enabled – just swipe over a message to reply. The deployment is expected to take place in the coming weeks. Google has also extended access to its voicemail transcription feature. Owners of Pixel 6, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Fold 4 can read the content of a voice message rather than listening to it. The feature automatically transcribes using machine learning. It was previously reserved for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Another cool feature lets you add reminders directly from the Messages app. Users who set birthday reminders will even get a notification when they open the app. In addition, the latter now suggests bookmarking a message to keep important information at your fingertips or schedule a Meet meeting and create Calendar events when necessary.

For even more interoperability, with Google and iOS apps

Google has also given its Messages app an integrated YouTube player, so users don’t have to leave the app when someone sends you a link to a video on the platform. The Mountain View firm is also testing a feature that would allow users to chat with businesses via Search and Maps from the app in some countries. And for those who fly with United, the American giant has signed an agreement to offer free messaging to passengers using United WiFi starting this fall.

Finally, Google is updating the icons for Messages, Phone, and Contacts to “better reflect today’s modern messaging experience” and provide better harmony with other Google apps.


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