Google is launching a web portal to view feeds from Nest cameras. You no longer need the app to do this.

It took a while, but now you don’t need to use an app to check the video feed from the cameras Nest of your house. As The Verge explains it, Google has introduced a new portal,, which allows you to view video streams from the latest Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell models. You cannot watch the recorded videos, but you have access to the live stream, you can zoom in and activate or deactivate the cameras.

Google launches web portal to view feeds from Nest cameras

The feature is rolling out to wired and battery-powered Nest Cam models (including floodlight, Indoor, Outdoor, and IQ variants) as well as the battery-powered Nest Doorbell and its two wired variants (the second-generation Nest Hello and Doorbell). . You can also wake up any device on battery power.

Google already offered such web viewing for its Nest cameras, but the feature hadn’t carried over to products releasing in 2021. Nest chief executive Rishi Chandra told customers that web viewing would be available this year. No one is quite sure what prevented newer models from just using the old portal, but we can easily recognize that the lack of this feature could be very frustrating where most competing cameras allow it.

No longer need the app to do this

Whatever the reason, ultimately this web portal makes recent Nest smart cameras and doorbells much more useful. You can check your front door or take a look at your pet from your office computer, without having to take out your smartphone and launch the dedicated app. Google also adds that it will continue to add “very popular camera features” over time. So you could be less dependent on the app for your cameras.



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