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Get Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs in 2019 With Squad Digital

Let’s start today’s blog with a story of a youngster who landed himself a good job in the field of Digital Marketing at the entry-level. 

Ramesh was working hard, but there were instances where he got stuck in the middle of work and didn’t happen to know what to do next.

Soon he is in pressure to perform well and improve his skills in a better way. But unfortunately, he couldn’t and had been kicked out of a job. 

Sadly he went to his friend Ram who is excelling in the field of Digital Marketing and also got a promotion in a short period of time. 

Ramesh: I am kicked out of the company. I have no skills and knowledge of digital marketing. I tried to cope up with my seniors, they also try to help me, but nothing works. I am broke. 

Ram: Dear Ramesh, don’t worry, things will turn out good soon. All you have to do is to learn the skills of digital marketing. 

Ramesh: Have you also learn the skills, but from where?

Ram: Yes, without skills and knowledge, you cannot fill the responsibilities of being a digital marketer. I invested a few months and learned advanced digital marketing course in Mumbai

You should also join the training centre to learn your skills and get a better job. 

Ramesh: Thank you, friend, I will do it ASAP.

After 6 months, Ram meets Ramesh, and the conversation goes like.

Ram: Hello, my friend, how you are holding up!

Ramesh: I am a certified digital marketer trainer and earning a decent salary which is twice more than before. Thank you for your suggestion, my friend. 

And soon, they parted ways. 

The moral of the story is that – Digital marketing is not a skill-less job. You must have skills and an understanding of digital marketing. 

It’s easy to Enroll yourself than to be kicked out of your job. 

Further, to help you out in securing an excellent entry-level job in this evolving industry of digital marketing, we have mentioned some strategies you could use.

1. Confidence in Your Skills –

Your confidence makes you. This statement has 100% truth in it. 

Maybe you are ready to start your day with a good mindset and thousands of opportunities, but the first step is always going to 

 I feel confident.

2. Basics of Digital Marketing Courses –

Digital marketing offers N number of free & paid certifications which makes it best. All these certifications will look great on a resume. You will be surprised to know that there are over 6,200+ courses available on LinkedIn, 2,000+ on Coursera, and 55,000+ on Udemy. And some of the most important certifications for digital marketing are as follows:

  • Google Academy for Ads (free certification)
  • Google Analytics Academy (free certification)
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing (free certification)
  • Bing Ads Accreditation (free certification)
  • Facebook Blueprint (free to take, but paid certification)
  • Hootsuite Academy (free certification)

3. Get Ready for Your Interview – 

After learning and acquiring certifications, I am sure you are ready for your first digital marketing interview. Not only for this but all interview you must prepare ahead of its time. You have to be more comfortable with your selves, and your skills, to get your dream job. 

Also, keep these points in mind for a better job at a big firm:

  • Study all about the company
  • As per the role match your resume to it
  • Get ready for all the situational questions
  • Be prepared for a digital marketing assessment

4. Negotiate Your Salary –

Now, suppose you have landed your first interview and got selected. Now, the main point comes to a halt at the salary offer. And the biggest mistake you can do is to say yes without negotiating your salary. So, you must negotiate your salary. Negotiation is important because the best offer is never made at first, and a similar thing goes with you. 

5. Put in Your Hard Work – 

If you have followed all the steps till now, I am sure you have got your first digital marketing job. You have all the right to have this much excitement. Congratulations!! 

You have come too far with all your hard work, and it’s time to use it. Learn how things get done practically and how you can get a six-digit salary in the upcoming 2-3 years. And yes, don’t stop learning, make connections with valuable people, make an impression on clients and others with your work.  

Time to Cover Up!

You can finally shape your destiny with a good career with so much to learn, offer, experience and explore. With a functional role in this growing digital marketing industry, you can also join this ever-increasing industry of Digital Marketing. All you have to do is to register yourself with Squad Digital. 

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