Windows is getting a little closer to Apple’s services. Indeed, the Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices (the equivalent of iTunes) applications for Windows have just appeared on the Microsoft Store, in preview versions.

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Applications AppleMusic, AppleTV and Apple Devices for Windows have appeared on the Microsoft Store, in preview. Last October, Microsoft announced their arrival on its platform, allowing users to finally ditch the old application itunes and the Apple TV Web Player for a native software experience closer to the built-in macOS experience.

Apple Music, Apple Devices and Apple Music arrive on Windows: what does it change?

The app AppleTV for Windows is similar to the version on macOS, although you access different sections via a list on the side rather than tabs at the top. AppleTV+ is also integrated, just like AppleMusica version very similar to the version on macOS, although the iTunes Store is a little more difficult to access.

There is also a third preview of an app called Apple Deviceswhich is intended to allow you to manage and sync things like iPods and iPads. A feature currently supported by iTunes on Windows and Finder on Mac. The specialized press reports that elements related to Reality OS and xrOS, two code names which would have been associated with the virtual reality headset from Apple, have been found in the update.

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When you open the apps for the first time, they notify you that iTunes will stop working if you use them and you will need to uninstall previews to get them back. It looks like the Music app imports music and settings from iTunes, but not podcasts or audiobooks yet.

Note that these are only preview versions and not all features may work as expected. You can download them yourself here: AppleMusic, AppleTV, Apple Devices.


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