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Built Your Career as a SEM Specialist with SQUAD Digital

  • By Ankit Saxsena
  • SEM
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Even today, many people get confused between SEO and SEM. They think SEM falls under PPC, but that’s what they mistaken. Out of SEO, PPC, & SEM; SEM is the one under which SEO & PPC comes. SEO means performing the activities to make your website rank at a higher position in the SERPs naturally, whereas, SEM include these methodologies into its array of marketing techniques. Some other methods include the following:

  • Running a PPC campaign model to increase the ranking of the website.
  • Website starts appearing on top in the SERPs as an advertisement.
  • Creating links through organic reach or paid methods. This method works well with time.

And, as an SEM specialist, he must include both organic and paid traffic and lead towards the improvement of website ranking. In most of the scenarios, SEO & SEM specialist come together to work towards the enhancement of a particular project. They also make strategies that will work and bring more organic and paid traffic to the website.

However, it is tough to depict whether organic SEO is effective or paid SEM! But, an SEM specialist provides the advantage to both. If you are looking forward to taking SEM training in Mumbai, then Squad Digital is the best choice!

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What Tasks Handled by an SEM Specialist?

The tasks list to be done by an SEM specialist is not big, but it’s valuable. So, here it goes:

  1. Lead the team with honest advice and prompt result strategies after detailed research.
  2. They must know how search engine pages work to give a website a particular ranking position.
  3. He must examine the traffic pattern of a website coming via different traffic sources. Thus, he must know how to use SEO and SEM related tools.
  4. He should often do the research work to encounter new search engine optimization strategies, PPC advertising, and social media marketing.
  5. Last but not least, as a specialist, they need to work with people with different working skills such as – web designers, SEO specialists, Content writers, etc. Thus, they must have excellent communication skills along with kind nature.

What Qualifications Required Becoming SEM Specialists?

SEM specialist is a newly created profession, and it has new education requirements. But still, most of the SEM specialists already have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (marketing, communications, information technology).
  • Experience with online marketing
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other common languages of programming.

Further, as an SEM specialist, the qualifications are never enough. Thus, one has to keep up with every update and small information. And as an SEM specialist, you must always keep on working towards the enhancement of search rankings of a website.

To update themselves, SEM specialist may become a regular part of the following activities –

  • Professional forums
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Newsletters
  • Trade publications
  • Blogs
  • Webinars,
  • Training programs

Certifications –

At present, there is no industry for SEM build with any central or regular body yet. However, there is always a discussion about establishing an organization or industry to provide professional training for SEM. But the problem is, SEM is a broad field and had undefined nature, making its possibilities zero for establishing an SEM industry.

I know it’s disappointing!

But the good news is – many organizations provide certification for SEM specialists, once they complete their training program. And the most popular certifications come from:

• MarketMotive.com
• SEOPros.org
• Direct Marketing Association

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