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Black Hat SEO Techniques

7+ Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

Everyone wants their website to rank on the very first page of Google. To achieve this target, people mostly perform SEO both on-page and off-page. But, many people out there use dark SEO techniques to get quick leads, organic traffic, and better ROI on their website.

These dark SEO techniques are known as Black hat SEO techniques.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a technique which uses the weak points of the search engine algorithms and misuses them for lead generation and more traffic. These techniques first served to the search bots and then reach to users.

This kind of techniques carries a high risk of being penalized by Google.

You will be surprised to know that there are many training institutes which teach such techniques even after knowing the consequences.

But if you choose us for your digital marketing courses, then only you will learn the best of SEO technique.

Moving further, let’s know what black SEO techniques we should avoid

#1 Automated Comment Spamming –

As a regular reader, you may have noticed that there is a comment section where people make comments about the blog. But some people didn’t write good comments and add spammy websites link. This practice is known as comment spamming. Google says a big NO to such practices, but still, some people perform such nasty things.

#2 Cloaking –

The practice of showing different information to users as compared to the search engines is known as cloaking. For example – you are searching for a food recipe, you click on a particular link, but instead of showing you the method it is selling a product made up of animals. In this example, for search engine, it is a regular cooking page, but for you, it is showing something else. Thus, this is a black hat SEO practice which should be stopped immediately.

#3 Hiding the Text –

Hiding the text or link present on the website is another black hat SEO practice. Many people also make punctuation marks as their anchor text and add a hyperlink to them, making them unnoticeable. They even decrease the font size to the extent that no one can see them easily. Also, hidden text is always not a black hat SEO, but sometimes it is done to increase the user accessibility and experience.

#4 Link Marketing – Link marketing is another black hat SEO tactic where:

  • selling and buying of a link,
  • posts including paid links whereabouts,
  • cross-linking at a high rate, and many other ways, marketing of guest post and articles with keyword-rich anchor text, and
  • automated linking with the help of a program or an app.

#5 Malicious Behavior of The Website 

A website which is not showing or doing irrelevant things, is the site behaving maliciously. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Landing the users on a different page from where they were intended to land.
  • Installing software which can change the behavior of a page or the website.
  • Using malware software or viruses in the software download program.

#6 Scraping of the Content 

When someone copies the content from your RSS feed and publishes it on his website, then this is known as the scraping of content.

#7 Secret Doorway Pages 

Pages which take the visitors to other pages are often known as doorway pages. It is a black hat SEO trick, to create many of these pages with similar content to build links for the destination pages.

#8 Stuffing of Keywords 

When anyone uses all the targeted keywords in their content to rank higher in search engines, then this practice is known as keyword stuffing. In other words, using stuffing your content with targeted keywords forcefully is known as the stuffing of keywords. And for Google, it is a black hat SEO practice under Google Panda (February 2011), and Google Hummingbird (August 2013).

Wrapping Up!

I hope you have understood what black hat SEO is and what tricks we need to be avoided as they fall in the category of black hat SEO. And make sure to join a digital marketing training center which prevents such tactics.

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