The latest Windows 11 cumulative update has brought its share of problems in addition to new features and improvements. Performance and Internet connection issues affect users who report in bulk on networks.

Microsoft has just rolled out the massive Moment 3 Cumulative Update (KB5028185) for Windows 11. It brings many new features and improvements like displaying seconds on the taskbar clock, live subtitles in multiple languages, and mains-powered adaptive brightness control. How often is this the case with Windows Updates, the new version is riddled with problems. These are not security vulnerabilities or major issues, but performance and internet connection issues.

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The KB5028185 update has yet to fix SSD slowdown issues. Now users are complaining about new problems on forums and networks. Computers that have received the latest update are slower and take longer to start, For example. Internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet doesn’t work as well either.

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Blue screen of death, Wi-Fi connection problems, slower startup, Windows 11 update accumulates problems

A user reports on Reddit that the Windows 11 welcome screen is showing 17 seconds after start. Usually it only took him 4.5 seconds. So that’s a pretty significant drop in performance. He eventually removed the update, which apparently fixed the speed issues.

As for Internet connection problems, users report various problems, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Some have completely lost internet access while others have noticed firewall malfunctions. Unstable Wi-Fi network connections have also been reported.

We must also not forget the famous blue screen of death of Windows 11 which is back with the new update. Suffice to say that some users are already exasperated with the problems of the new version. ” KB5028185 is trash “says a user on Reddit.

Finally, the new features of Windows 11 also encounter some problems. ” The new feature to display the seconds on the clock does not work “Adds the same user. Waiting the official patch from Microsoftthe only solution that users have found is to simply uninstall the KB5028185 update.

Source : Reddit


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