With Windows 12, Microsoft would bet big on artificial intelligence. The next operating system would indeed be boosted by AI, starting with ChatGPT. Microsoft will even invest billions of dollars in it.

Microsoft is still busy fixing Windows 11 Start menu bugs, but that’s not stopping it from preparing its next operating system. After Windows 11 which is still very little used in the world, Windows 12 could bring major changes and thus be better accepted by users. We actually expect that artificial intelligence will be at the heart of Windows 12 at launch.

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The integration of artificial intelligence into Windows has already been teased by Microsoft at CES 2023, but more details have been provided. Sources close to the Redmond firm have confirmed that Microsoft does indeed work on Windows 12. This will be boosted by artificial intelligence to completely revolutionize the Windows experience.

Features related to artificial intelligence would arrive on Windows 11 in the coming months

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will invest billions of dollars in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. The popularity of this AI has exploded in recent months. The conversational agent prototype is able to understand users’ questions in order to answer them in the most natural way possible. It quickly became famous with students who use it to cheat and write their homework.

Microsoft’s interest in ChatGPT shows its desire to focus more on artificial intelligence. Windows 12 would thus offer a completely revolutionary experience. It is to be expected several AI-based features. They could, for example, take the form of recommendations or alerts in Windows applications. Calendar, Photos, Mail and others would benefit. ChatGPT would therefore be used to create and send these alerts.

While waiting for the launch of Windows 12, Microsoft should deploy artificial intelligence features in Windows 11 within the next few months. These new features would test the AI ​​before it is fully integrated into the next operating system. Among these features, we should find improvements made to the webcam and the microphone. For example, AI could easily blur the background or even filter out background noise in video calls.

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