Apple is preparing its advertising network for television as part of its partnership with MLS.

It’s no secret thatApple seeks to increase advertising revenue. To do this, the Cupertino company has a large number of options as it is present in different segments. Whether on its devices or via its services, the Apple brand has the means to easily display advertising to its customers. She would consider do it on TV too.

Apple prepares its advertising network for television

Get ready to see a number of ads when Apple starts broadcasting Major League Soccer games next year. According Bloomberg, the company is currently building an advertising network to support its 10-year deal with the league. Apple has already discussed with MLS sponsors about the broadcast of advertisements during matches and support for programming for next season.

as part of its partnership with MLS

It also looks like regular fans won’t be able to escape these ads by paying more. Bloomberg reports that the apple brand currently intends to run its advertisements on all three offers. In other words, customers will see the ads they pay for the dedicated pack, whether they access the matches via their existing TV+ subscription or watch the free match on the TV app.

This initiative is part of Apple’s extensive program to increase its revenue generated by advertising. These currently amount to around $4 billion a year, but Todd Teresi, director of the dedicated division, would like to increase this figure to $10 billion or more. To do this, the Cupertino company has recently displayed more advertisements on its App Store and is testing the integration of advertisements in the search results on its Maps app.


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