Microsoft has just rolled out an update to Windows 11 packed with new features. One of them fixes an issue experienced by players who use a high sample rate for their mouse. Explanations.

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While waiting for Windows 12, Microsoft is not letting its users starve. The computer giant regularly releases updates full of new features. After the deployment of Moment 2, it is now the turn of Moment 3 to impose itself on our PCs. Included in cumulative update KB5028185, it offers a bunch of improvements, especially for gamers who are very picky about in-game performance.

Microsoft is tackling here a recurring problem that exclusively affects users with mice with a high sampling rate (polling rate). These terms refer to the frequency at which a mouse transmits its signals to the computer to indicate its movements. The higher the sample rate (measured in Hz), the more the delay is reduced between when you press your mouse and what it produces on the screen.

This type of mouse thus theoretically offers maximum precision and increased responsiveness. Current standards revolve around 1000 Hz, with some competitive players not hesitating to push the limits to perform. Issue, a sampling rate high is resource intensive which can cause slowdowns and jerks in the middle of the game.

Aware of this problem which affects the fluidity of the game, Microsoft has taken the time to refine Windows 11. “Some of you will see better game performance with the July 2023 update. This update improves performance when using a mouse with a high sample rate”explains a Microsoft developer, quoted by Windows Latest.

Microsoft has notably tested popular games on a Surface Laptop Studio with a mouse configured at 1000 Hz. Session became smooth after installing update, the jerks having disappeared as if by magic. Also on KB5028185, users suddenly faced performance and internet connection issues after installing it.


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