An ambitious feature film on Robin Hood, the lord of Locksley who robs the rich to give to the poor, is currently in preparation in France.

Seven years after the Robin Hood by Anthony Marciano with Max Boublil, Gaumont and Albertine Productions announce the development of a new feature film on the legendary hero of the English Middle Ages who hides in the famous forest of Sherwood and Barnsdale. The production has been entrusted to Ludovic Bernard (L’Ascension, Mission Pays basque, At the end of the fingers, 10 days without mom, Lupin) who is also in charge of the screenplay with the help of Julien Lambroschini (Going to Brazil, Respire, Le Great Bath).

A French film “with immense ambition” for Robin des Bois

Matthieu Tarot, producer of Robin Hood at Albertine Productions, says:

Robin Hood’s ambition is immense. Robin is a bandit with a big heart. He is Saxon, he falls in love with a Norman, he is faithful to the king and he redistributes wealth. After Erroll Flynn, Walt Disney’s fox and Kevin Costner, our wish is to bring a French touch to this modern-day hero. I am very proud to undertake this great adventure film with Gaumont, in an invaluable relationship of trust and loyalty.


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