Netflix announces a live-action Gears of War movie as well as an animated series for adults.

Netflix never stops adapting video games, rightly or wrongly, it depends on the productions, obviously, but the least we can say is that the streaming platform does not have the intend to stop there. The long list will soon include one of Xbox’s best-known licenses. The service partners with developer The Coalition to produce a live action movie Gears of War. No details, synopsis or release date yet, but Netflix will also produce an animated series for adults and hints at “additional stories”.

Netflix announces live-action movie Gears of War

The series revolves around the Locusts, an aggressive species that has all but destroyed human civilization. The original trilogy Gears of War centers on veteran Marcus Fenix, but more recent games and other spinoffs feature his son, JD, his great friend and ally, Baird, and rebel-turned-soldier Kait.

The timing is perfect. The Coalition hasn’t unveiled a new game in a while. Netflix productions give the Microsoft-owned studio the opportunity to keep the buzz going Gears of War, while reigniting interest in the franchise with fans who have many memories of the Locusts. This is also part of the Redmond company’s response to Sony’s ambitions for large and small screens with, in particular, series Horizon and god of war as well as movies like Uncharted.

as well as an animated series for adults

The question, as always, will be whether the license translates well into the linear format that is cinema. There have already been strong successes with video game adaptations, such as the series League of Legends, but these projects don’t usually have the best of reputations. Even the adaptation of Halo received a mixed response. It is still far too early to know how it will be received Gears of War, but it is obvious that the expectations are already very high. And the many challenges for the studios involved.


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